Basic Information:
Series_titleGene expression in response to AGL15 during somatic embryogenesis
Series_summaryTranscript accumulation was measured using the Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array [ATH1-121501] to document changes in response to the MADS-domain transcription factor AGAMOUS-Like 15 during somatic embryogenesis.
Series_summaryA somatic embryo system was used where mature seed is allowed to complete germination in liquid MS media containing 2,4-D and seedlings produce somatic embryos from the shoot apical meristem (SAM) region. The frequency with which these embryos are produced directly correlates with AGL15 accumulation.
Series_overall_designWild type Arabidopsis (Columbia ecotype) with normal amounts of AGL15 were compared to (1) 35S:AGL15 that constitutively expresses AGL15 and produces more somatic embryos from the shoot apical region than wild type and (2) agl15 agl18 double loss-of-function mutants that produce less somatic embryos from the shoot apical region than wild type.
Series_typeExpression profiling by array
Series_sample_idGSM439767 GSM439768 GSM439769 GSM439770 GSM439771 GSM439772 GSM439773 GSM439774 GSM439775
Series_relationSubSeries of: GSE17742