Basic Information:
Series_titleComparison of gene expression in wild type and angustifoila3 leaf primorida
Series_summaryDevelopment of a flat structure of leaves depend on active expansion of leaf blades mediated by cell proliferation. The angustifolia3 (an3) mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana are defective in cell proliferation in leaf primorida. AN3 encodes a transcription coactivator and interacts with a putative transcription factor AtGRF5. To investigate how AN3 control cell proliferation, we compared gene expression profiles between an3 and wild type. This analysis provide an insight into AN3-dependent cell proliferation pathway.
Series_overall_designComparison between an3-4 and wild type. Two replicates for each sample.
Series_typeExpression profiling by array
Series_sample_idGSM457188 GSM457189 GSM457190 GSM457191