Basic Information:
Series_titleDiurnal gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0 rosette leaves
Series_summaryHow do the transcript levels of leaf-expressed genes change in a normal day-night cycle? The interest is in genes that are regulated by the circadian clock and the diurnal component (i.e. light, metabolite changes). Plants were grown on soil in a 12/12 h light/dark rythm at 20°C day and night. 5 weeks after germination the rosettes of the non-flowering plants were harvested, 15 plants per sample. Plants were harvested at 6 timepoints every 4 hours beginning with the end of the night (still in darkness).
Series_summaryKeywords: repeat
Series_overall_design3 biological replicates of the diurnal time series (6 times) were analyzed that were separately grown
Series_typeExpression profiling by array
Series_sample_idGSM77055 GSM77056 GSM77057 GSM77058 GSM77059 GSM77060 GSM77061 GSM77062 GSM77063 GSM77064 GSM77065 GSM77066 GSM77067 GSM77068 GSM77069 GSM77070 GSM77071 GSM77072